Are you a student or individual interested in arts, history, africanism, anthropology, or related fields?

We are seeking dedicated volunteers like you to support various aspects of our upcoming events and exhibition before and during the ArtBasel week. If you have a keen interest in the art world, in historical and museum archives, a desire to foster engaging discussions, and a willingness to contribute your time and expertise, we welcome you to join our team during this year’s HeritageConcept week.


Exhibition Supervisors

As an exhibition supervisor, you will liaise with curators and artists for coordination and general assistance on ad-hoc tasks in the exhibition space.

Tasks included
Maintaining artwork and guest database, exhibition brochure printouts; welcoming guests, answering questions on the exhibition, and assisting with daily set up and catering.

Volunteers should have a keen interest in the arts. This is also an opportunity for them to engage with different stakeholders across the industry. As a contemporary art company, Afrinova will provide a certificate of participation and reference letter for volunteers who need this for their resumes.

Dates: 11-17 June
Hours: 3 hours per day.
No. of Days: 3 Days
No. of Volunteers: 3 People

Set-up & Logistics 

Assist with the setup and logistics for the exhibition artworks and installation. Help with ad-hoc hands-on tasks such as artwork & artist listings, hanging of artworks, arrangement of packaging, printing of brochures, and coordination of the opening event.

Dates: 11-17 June
Hours: 3 hours per day.
No. of Days: 3 Days
No. of Volunteers: 3 People

Tour Guide Assistance

You will accompany the tours from the Durchgang Gallery to the archives and back; keep track of the attendees list; assist with guiding attendees, and share relevant information.

Dates: 11-17 June
Hours: 3 hours per day.
No. of Volunteers: 1 Person Per Tour

Whisper Translators

HeritageConcept events and contents are mainly in English. Still, we want non-anglophone people to feel welcome and included as well. Therefore we need several translators. So, If you speak French, German, or Spanish You would be perfect for our whisper translations for the tours or during the Panel Talk.

Dates: 11-17 June
Hours: 3 hours per day.
No. of Volunteers: 3 People


Availability during at least two of the HeritageConcept days, for up to 3hours a day.

Ability to work collaboratively in a team setting.

Attention to detail and a proactive approach to problem-solving.


Free access to all the HeritageConcept24 events & daily shared meals at the exhibition space.

Opportunity to immerse yourself in cultural exploration and knowledge exchange.

Gain valuable experience in event coordination, communications, and teamwork within the context of arts, culture, history, and archival collections.

Networking opportunities with professionals in the arts and cultural industry.

Certificate of participation or reference letter for your volunteer service.

Time Commitment

Volunteers will be needed for the above-mentioned time frames for their days of volunteering, with flexible scheduling options.

- Attend 1x online briefing 

How To Apply

If you have a passion for arts, history, African studies, anthropology, or related fields and are interested in volunteering for the role mentioned above, please fill out our Typeform Here: and we will get in touch with you to schedule or online briefing. (Please note that no prior experience or credentials are required).

.Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so early submission is encouraged.

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Supported by: Landis & Gyr Stiftung & SüdkulturFonds
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